14h30 - 15h00, Castor Lounge, 5th Floor, Gem Centre

FV’s patient-centred philosophy dictates that the treatment of complex diseases not only requires physicians to treat the disease, but also take care of the issues surrounding the patient’s care and recovery process.


To achieve the best treatment results, especially when optimizing treatment regimens for complex diseases, doctors need to create an effective and patient-cantered communication network.


Connecting with the medical community allows doctors to analyse various elements more deeply to make appropriate decisions, standardise the treatment process for patients, improve expertise and jointly aim for higher goals in terms of improving the patient’s quality of life.


To build this network, it is first necessary to build the trust and credibility of the doctors within it. Doctors must be willing to refer a patient to another physician when they have determined that that specialist has the necessary expertise to examine and treat their patient for the best possible outcome. FV has always been committed to building sustainable and ethical relationships in the medical community.


Dr Basma M’Barek has many years of experience connecting individuals and scientific organisations in Vietnam and around the world to ensure patients benefit from effective cancer treatment regimens, and will convey her knowledge and practical experience in many countries during her presentation. Dr Basma M’Barek will introduce methods to build a network in the medical community, gain trust among doctors and share the importance of therapeutic feedback to create good relationships in mutual care for patients.


We hope this seminar will be an opportunity for us to connect and continue our work to build the best healthcare network possible for the community.


To help us making FV Hospital 20-year celebration meaningful, instead of sending congratulatory flowers, we would be grateful if you could join us in giving a child a medical miracle in life by contributing to the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund founded and sponsored by FV Hospital by donating to:

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